The Venezuelan artist Nina Dotti is present in the collective "PAS" of the Christopher Paschall Gallery sXXI in Bogotá with her character Miss Wynwood and her "politically incorrect" campaign against Gustavo Petro and Nicolás Maduro.

"By saving Venezuela, we will save Colombia!”The danger is just around the corner," said Miss Wynwood and warned, "Colombia could also fall into the trap with Gustavo Petro. Don't let 21st Century Socialism into your country'.
These words by Miss Wynwood are present in the multimedia installation by Venezuelan artist Nina Dotti, which is part of the PAS collective exhibition, open to the public at the Christopher Paschall sXXI Gallery in Bogotá until May 20, to celebrate the 18th anniversary of this magical space located in the southeastern La Candelaria neighborhood of the Colombian capital.
Miss Wynwood is a performance that Nina Dotti started in Art Basel in 2014, where she represents a charismatic miss who decided to launch herself into the political arena against Donald Trump and who, symbolically, almost became the first woman president of the United States, but could not because she was Venezuelan. And in the collective PAS is presented with a new "politically incorrect" campaign to show, through contemporary art and irony, its position on the characters Nicolás Maduro and Gustavo Petro.
"Let us create a form of government far from the dictatorial, populist and socialist precepts of the 21st century, which have failed especially in Venezuela and now threaten our sister Colombia," Miss Wynwood said in her manifest. Full story can be read here.
Nina Dotti's proposal includes a photographic series, 3D sculptures, a video, a water installation, three collages, political posters, POP material and a publication edited by the artist herself that includes the experience of her participative performances under the figure of Miss Wynwood since 2014. The exhibition is also sponsored by the Arts Connection Foundation.
But Miss Wynwood is not the only controversial proposal of the PAS collective. Present are the works of Cacerolo (Emerson Cáceres), who criticizes the presidents of Colombia, and the work of Nadin Ospina, which focuses on the deforming stereotypes that apply to Colombia from the outside and contaminate the world view.

Also participating are Fernando Arias, Luis Fernando Bohórquez, Carolina Convers, Johnston Foster, José García, Sair García, Joel Grossman, Camilo Matiz, Alejandro de Narváez, Alejandro Ospina, Gastón Ugalde, Gustavo Vejarano and Esteban Villa, among others. All of them are artists linked to the cultural promoter Christopher Paschall and to this wonderful space of more than 1,400 m2, which "presents a contemporary vision of what is really happening in the world and in the plastic arts in Bogotá," explained its owner and creator Christopher Paschall.
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