Miss Wynwood

My name is "Miss Wynwood" and I declare myself a global citizen.
I hereby proclaim that I am not a beauty queen, that's not my real job. I am a performance artist and I agree to help in the best of my ability, to each of the inhabitants of this planet to make their dreams come true.
And I think, as Bertrand Russell said: "To be not afraid of belonging to small minorities". So I also preach not to be afraid of belonging to a small minority. Migrants or displaced, white or black, colored or indian, jews or catholics, muslims or protestants, homosexuals, pansexual or heterosexual men and women, children and elderly. Latinos, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans or those gentlemen living in Oceania. Dignity has no nationality.
I propose that we stand in solidarity with one another. We must help each other to preserve peace in the world. Let us be happy and live a nice and pleasant life. Without harming or hating anyone.
In this globalized world we all fit in and there are enough resources for all human beings.
We should only seek to distribute things more fairly. We should only try to distribute them with more justice and greater equity. We need to create a form of government far from the dictatorial, populist and socialist precepts of the 21st century that have failed in Venezuela and now threaten Colombia.
We choose to live in freedom and harmony. Say NO to terrorism and weapons that have raised barriers of hatred and have pushed us into misery and bloodshed instigating more violence.
Social networking and communications have progressed too quickly and we have become slaves of ourselves. We have created virtual worlds disconnected from our own reality.
We have to increase our ability to enjoy, think less and feel more. We need to learn to be generous, to love one another and be more grateful for what we have. We need more humanity. Besides intelligent human beings let us also be kind and loving.
With these qualities, life will be beautiful and everything will flourish. Let technology and the media (radio, TV, youtube, instagram, Facebook, Skype, Pinterest and the like) make us feel closer. The very nature of these inventions is to allow to know each other more in real and virtual spaces where there is universal brotherhood that unites us all.
So I have a proposition for you: choose to be happy, you can do it. Millions of people around the world, millions of men, women and children, all who are part of this globalized world without barriers, without flags, without money, without differences, can live under one purpose only: to live a better life.
For those who read this manifesto, I say: have oceans of faith. All misfortunes come alone but happiness is a choice. Freedom will not perish while art is still a catalyst that heals our souls. Hatred will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people will be refunded.
Don’t´ let them despise us, enslave us or regulate our lives or tell us what we must do, say or feel. Let us bring the love of humanity in our hearts. Let’s live through love and not fear. Let's fight for freedom. We all have the power to create happiness, the power to make this free, beautiful life and make it a wonderful adventure.
Let's all use these superpowers in the name of democracy. Let us fight for a globalized, worthy and noble world: to ensure that its inhabitants have work, to give youth the hope of a better future, and give security to the eldest. Let us fight to free the world now and break down the borders, promote tolerance, inclusion and respect in each of us.
Miss W,