Taken verbatim from The New Times …

“Heads up, Wynwood-goers: Three weeks after the Miami Parking Authority announced a new parking program for the neighborhood, the changes are set to take effect today.

 The program expands the neighborhood’s Pay by Phone parking areas west from the railroad tracks to NW Sixth Avenue, and from NW 20th Street north to NW 29th Street. The meters are enforced from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day, with the standard rate set at $1.50 an hour for a maximum of three hours, except evenings.

Miami, FL – December 4-6 of 2014  – A state-of-the-art, live performance experience by visual artist Nina Dotti is to happen around Wynwood, during Art Basel Miami week. Presented by The Chill Concept Museum, Dotti is to point out controversial public affair issues in Miami Dade County through a performance where she dresses and acts as a beauty queen who becomes a Major of the “Independent Republic of Wynwood”. The event will feature a fusion of performance art and storytelling. It is a parody of the former Venezuelan beauty queen who became a Major of a wealthy municipality of Caracas.

I, a Latin-American artist, woman and, above all things a lover of liberty and infinite respect for all human beings, independent of their origin, race, religion or sexual orientation, in my role as Mayor of the Wynwood Art District, declare my candidacy to occupy the White House and become the first woman president of our Republic.

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